As a school board member, Steve has worked to deliver for the students of our district. During his first term Steve:


  • Co-Sponsored and passed the effort to re-establish middle school Spanish classes

  • Secured funding to develop a school gardening curriculum

  • Preserved vocational/career technical education courses, after the county eliminated ROP funding 

  • Sponsored and passed the District’s Suicide Prevention Policy, mandating suicide prevention training for all staff, and established annual reporting requirements on student hospitalization statistics to ensure resources can be better focused moving forward

  • Supported the first district resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide

  • Prioritized funding and fundraising to reduce the musical instrument repair backlog in the district. 

  • Sponsored and passed the District’s Mental Health Master Plan, which reduced the barriers to care, established two drop-in mental health centers on the comprehensive high school campuses, and brought Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) practices and training to the District

  • Co-Sponsored and passed the District’s Special Education Master Plan, which continues to improve communication between our special education department, parents and students

  • Worked with city leaders to have secondary student ID cards double as public library cards, exposing students to municipal library resources and programs, and ensuring they have access to the internet 7-days a week

  • Moved board meeting start time from 6:00pm to 7:00pm to increase engagement and allow for more working parents to participate in board meetings

  • Established monthly EdWalks to improve board member accessibility, where constituents could engage board members on the Chandler Bike Path during a morning walk

  • Voted to remove the name of eugenicist David Starr Jordan from one of our middle schools

  • Worked with student board members to modernize our district’s dress code

  • Sponsored and passed two on-going resolutions restricting inequitable fundraising practices

  • Established a District fundraising committee to ensure equity and design a pathway for new programing in the future

  • Partnered with Zonta leaders to strengthen the district’s human trafficking curriculum. 

  • Co-Founded the City of Burbank Clerk’s Cup, an annual voter registration competition between the comprehensive high schools.

  • Successfully navigated the 2020 state budget process, where over a 10% budget reduction was proposed.

  • Managing a safe return to schools for staff, families and students. 

  • Attracting and retaining highly qualified educators and staff to our district

  • Preserving and expand graduation pathways 

  • Driving issues of equity

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