Activism in School Years

Steve Ferguson is a proud product of Burbank. Steve was born and raised in Burbank and attended Roosevelt Elementary, John Muir Middle School and Burbank High School. Steve began his public service in Burbank as a middle school student when he was 11 years old, when he was selected by the City of Burbank to serve as one of 29 young people who would be tasked with putting on a one day Youth Solution Summit where young people would offer solutions to the issues they were facing in their everyday lives. The summit was attended by over 600 young people and would create policy recommendations that would create and expand programs designed to improve the quality of life of young people including: Got Wheels!, The Emmy-Award winning Teens In Action! Show, school based counseling programs and Challenge Day. 


Wanting to continue his service to the community, Steve was appointed to the Burbank Youth Board in 2004 and when he was elected Chairman he worked with the board to establish a pool tournament and mentoring program between the Youth Board and the Joslyn Adult Center. Steve also worked with his colleagues to establish a youth recognition program to recognize outstanding teens doing good in the community, this award would later be named the Austin Cook Award and is still awarded by the board and City Council annually. 

Beyond School

In 2007, after seeing years of service on the Youth Board and Mayor’s Youth Task Force the Burbank City Council appointed Steve to the Park, Recreation and Community Services Board, making him the youngest appointed commission or board member (outside of the Youth Board) in the city’s history. During his four year term, Steve worked with community members to build the Cultural Arts Master plan and continued to advocate for mental health and other support programs for the city’s young people. 


In 2008, Steve ran to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention and was elected, becoming one of the youngest delegates at the convention. He would later be elected a delegate to the California Democratic Party and in 2010 was elected by the Democratic voters of the 43rd Assembly District to the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, commonly known as the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

Running for School Board

Seeing an opportunity to continue to serve the Burbank community, Steve ran for school board in 2013 and fell 351 votes short of being elected. In 2015, Steve ran a second time and was elected to the Burbank School Board in the primary election, becoming the city’s youngest and first openly gay elected official. 

Personal Life

Steve and his partner Jacob live in Magnolia Park with their pug Winston. Professionally, Steve coordinates and manages public advocacy campaigns for political campaigns and advocacy groups. 

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